Hazelwood Studying Future of Village Square Area

The City of Hazelwood is interested in determining what the Village Square shopping center and adjacent properties should look like in the 21st Century.  The City has hired urban consultant PGAV to study the condition of the center and look at the existing market for retail in the area.  The study also includes commercial lots north of the center up to Elm Grove Lane.

An initial report (click here to download) found that the buildings in the study area are obsolescent and in most cases have been losing value.  The report notes, however, that there is market demand for a number of retail uses.  Several of these uses are included in the report.

The city is interested in learning what residents and businesses in Hazelwood think about Village Square.  Please share your memories, questions, comments or suggestions with us by filling out and submitting the form, below.

Village Square Redevelopment

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