The files listed below are in both portable document format (PDF) and online forms if you have created an account on our website. Adobe’s Acrobat software is required to open the forms. Free reader software can be downloaded from Adobe’s site.

Business Licenses and Commercial Occupancy Permits

The Finance Department handles the City’s business licenses and starts the process for issuing commercial occupancy permits. Please contact Joyce Zuellig at 314-513-5042 or for assistance in determining the appropriate license and in calculating the correct license fee.

Planning and Zoning Permits

The City Planner, Earl Bradfield, handles permits related to planning and zoning. Contact Earl at 314-513-5013 or for more information and assistance in determining which permit application is appropriate for you.

Building Permits

The Building Department handles permits for construction or modification of a building. Please contact Travis Ham at 314-513-5065 or for additional information and to determine which permits you need.